Simple Or Sophisticated? How To Choose The Best Custom Cake For Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by all the planning that takes place. However, choosing the right wedding cake for your special day is often thought of as one of the fun parts of wedding planning. Whether you select a wedding cake that is simple or one that is elaborate and sophisticated, choosing the best cake should be a relaxing and fun experience for you and your partner.

Classic white custom cakes

If you are planning a traditional wedding and love everything about the classic wedding style, the beautiful and elegant tiers of a classic white cake will not disappoint. Classic white cakes can be decorated with flowers to match your wedding colors and are always a popular choice for weddings. All you need to decide is how many tiers you want based on the expected number of guests and what accents you want to use for decorating your cake. 

Naked custom wedding cakes

If you are planning a rustic, outdoor, or rugged themed wedding, a naked cake will be a perfect fit. These custom cakes are made without the exterior frosting or fondant and complement the rustic stye well. Popular accents for naked cakes include chocolates, fruits, flowers, and succulents.

Deconstructed custom cakes

If you are looking for something different for a simple wedding, a deconstructed cake may be right for you. The way these cakes are displayed is unique and eye catching. The tiers are displayed separately, which makes them a breeze to transport, set up, and display with other accents on a table.

Unique flavored custom cakes

If you want your wedding day to be a little mysterious, trying unusual flavors for your wedding cake is sure to make an impact. You can order a custom white cake with pomegranate or raspberry filing for something unique. Tropical flavored wedding cakes are a fun choice to serve at beach weddings.

Modern custom cakes

If your wedding style is modern or contemporary, you can highlight the theme by choosing a cake done in a geometric or other unusual shape. Choose navy blue or black frosting or fondant for a surprising but elegant look. Accent the cake with white or metallic flowers for an eye-catching contrast.

Your wedding cake is one of the highlights of your wedding day. Often the center of attention at the reception, the wedding cake should complement your wedding style well. Knowing which custom cake suits your style best will make selecting the right cake a positive experience and one of the least stressful things you will do when planning your wedding.

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